Bypass solution for civil engineering

Release time:2020-08-24


Asoe developed layflat hose bypass solution to help the civil pipeline system work properly. Use layflat hose and quick connection coupling could build a long distance temporary water transfer pipeline in a very short time.

The layflat hose bypass solution could be used in following circumstances:

a)When civil water is under maintainance, to prevent neighbor from water supply cut off;

b)When disaster or other emergency happens, to transfer water from other place or water discharge;

c)When drainage is under maintainance;

d)When industry polluted water discharge pipeline is broken, to replace the broken pipe.


1. Mileflex™

2. Longman™

3. Potaflow™ drinking water hose(with NSF61 certificate)

4. LDHC™ V coupling、Storz coupling、Camlock coupling