Manure Recycling Solution

Release time:2020-08-24


The layflat hose manure recycling system is a fertilization method suitable for modern large-scale farms and pastures. It can greatly improve the fertilization efficiency of large-scale farmland. It has been widely accepted and used in the United States, Europe,etc.

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Lay flat hose manure recycling solution is a convenient and economic environment-friendly manure recycling solution developed by using lay flat hose with capacity of the long-distance continuous medium transfer. The whole solution is divided into two parts:

Manureflow™ Supply polyurethane layflat hose is for long distance slurry manure transfer, it works with pump station transferring manure from manure pit to farmland where fertilization is needed. Supply hose is with high working pressure, which is around 14bar(1.4Mpa),in order to transfer manure effectively and stably.

Manureflow™ Drag polyurethane layflat hose is for manure transfer on farmland, it continuously transfers manure to manure distribution equipment assembled on tractor after connecting with supply hose. Drag hose is with high abrasion resistance, high adhesion strength and low elongation, which is suitable for dragging back and forth on the farmland without delamination, snaking and kink problem.


  • Hose:

Manureflow Drag TPU Hose

Manureflow Supply TPU Hose

Longman NBR TPU Hose

  • Coupling:LDHC Agro,Storz

  • Equipment:Sprayer

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