Ground Water Rising Solution

Release time:2020-08-10


When extracting underground water is necessary, Welline™ hoses are recommended strongly because of its innate advantages on rigid plastic pipes or steel pipes in the following situations: 

• Underground water is very deep.(For example, deeper than 60 meters)

• Underground water is salty or acid

• The borehole size is bigger than 3 inches

• Maintenance cost is high

• End-users want to save money in long term

Furthermore, Welline hoses are lay flat, coilable, of long-length(its length can be more than 400 meters per piece, and can hold high pressure and strong tensile strength due to encapsulated reinformcement jacket. It means that it is easier to install submersible pumps with Welline hoses than any other types of rigid pipes because no extra connections are needed and submersible pumps can be directly hung tpo the bottom of wells after pumps are connected to hoses with specicialized fitting beside the wells. In above scenarios, Welline hoses are your best option! 


∷Advantage :

1. Lightweight, layflat coilable construction

2. Easy to handle - reducing the time and cost involved when installing submersible pumps

3. Easy to store and transport

4. Free maintenance on rising main

5. Resistant to corrosion and microbiological and internal scaling

6. Absorbs vibrations, rapid changes in pressure and unwanted noise from the installation 

7. Long operational life with 40 years



  • Hose:Welline PU Hose

  • Coupling:SS316 Conical coupling

  • Equipment:Roller

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